e-learning Projects

Whatever stage you are at with regard to your e-learning project; considering this as a new approach to learning or looking to enhance your current strategy, we are here to help you improve performance through the use of learning technologies.

There are 6 stages of an e-learning project, these are;


  • Project definition
  • Analysis of requirements
  • Develop the business case
  • Learning technology consultancy
  • Selecting learning methods
  • Procurement advice
  • Risk Analysis
  • Project Planning


  • Structuring Content
  • Developing Learning Strategies
  • Media Selection
  • Interface design
  • Documenting the design


  • Scripting textual content
  • Scripting spoken content
  • Specifying media assets
  • Specifying logic


  • Media creation
  • Programming
  • Authoring
  • Testing


  • Project Management
  • Marketing and motivation
  • Maintaining records
  • Workshops and tutorial support


  • Measuring reactions, learning, behaviour change and performance impact
  • Assessing cost-effectiveness
  • Reviewing the process

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